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愛丁堡婚紗拍攝花絮 Edinburgh Pre-Wedding Photoshoot



3月的愛丁堡天氣還是很給力啊啊☀️☀️ 這對昆明來的新人,2012年曾經在英國曼城讀書,今年四月要結婚,特地回來一趟英國順便留下他們的結婚紀念❤️🥰

英國愛丁堡婚紗拍攝檔期今年已經開放預約至11月囉! 一路要開工到冬天了! 有興趣的小夥伴們快刀下手來詢問吧!

What a weather to get your pre-wedding photoshoot done! The couple are getting married in the upcoming month, and have decided to get their pre-wedding photoshoots done in the UK because both of them had spent some time in Manchester in 2012. Our booking is now open until November! Ask while it's still available!

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