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💃💃Glasgow 格拉斯哥慶開幕囉!🙌🙌

2019年的OHPROMISE又進入到另一個里程碑...😇 我們在Glasgow格拉斯哥有另外一個新的營業據點啦!!🥳🥳

💁‍♀️歐洲知名設計婚紗禮服 任您挑選 💁‍♀️甲地(格拉斯哥)租,乙地(愛丁堡)還 💁‍♀️你可以選擇 Rent or Buy a Wedding Dresses 💁‍♀️韓式光療美甲服務預約 💁‍♀️中文/英文的試穿服務(歡迎分享給你們的local朋友) 非常感謝大家對OHPROMISE的支持🙏 歡迎預約喲~👯‍♀️

OHPROMISE has entered another milestone in 2019 😇 We opened another new office in Glasgow! ! 🥳🥳

💁‍♀️ European well-known design wedding dress for you to choose 💁‍♀️Glasgow rent and Edinburgh return wedding dress rental service. 💁‍♀️Multiple choice for you, you can Rent or Buy a Wedding Dresses 💁‍♀️Polish Korean style nail art service 💁‍♀️Free to try the wedding dress Welcome to make an appointment ~ 👯‍♀️

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