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香港律師及健身KOL Keith Lee 李浩泓,健碩的身形近乎完美,對於拍婚紗照也有著嚴格的要求。曾經在英國留學的他深深愛上愛丁堡這個美麗的城市, 他決定把他的未婚妻帶到愛丁堡, 拍下他們生命中最重要的時刻之一。 蘇格蘭首府愛丁堡,這座夢境般的城市讓人有種穿越到古代歐洲的感覺。愛丁堡有著悠久的歷史,許多歷史建築亦完好保存下來。愛丁堡城堡、荷里路德宮、聖吉爾斯大教堂等世界遺產都位於此地。 愛丁堡也是英國僅次於倫敦的第二大旅遊城市,擁有迷人的自然風光,數百年的宏偉建築,絕對是旅遊和拍婚紗照的首選! 想跟他們一樣在愛丁堡奇幻古城拍婚紗照?我們還提供婚禮錄影和婚紗出租服務馬上與我們聯繫 Hong Kong lawyer and fitness influencer Keith Lee, has an almost perfect figure, he also has strict requirements for the selection of wedding photography companies. When he studied in the UK years ago, he fell in love with the beautiful city of Edinburgh. He decided to bring his fiancée to Edinburgh and captured one of the most important moments in their lives. - Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, this dream-like city has a feeling of crossing into ancient Europe. With its fascinating natural scenery and centuries-old architecture, it is definitely the first choice for pre-wedding photography! - Want to take pre-wedding photos in Edinburgh's fantasy city like them? We also provide wedding videography and wedding dress rental services. Get in touch now.

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